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Trouble settling on design - ALWAYS


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I tend to get in my own way when deciding on what I want for a tattoo. I am not one of these people who has it all laid out completely in their head, exactly what I want, go to the artist, and get that done, with the artist adding their own touch to the concept. Sometimes it seems like most people are like this, and it is just me who has awkward conversations like this:

"I want an eagle, but I also love whales and flowers, except I want it to be flowy, yet have a traditional vibe, with bold colors, and at the same time I love detail." *Blink, blink* is what I get in response, lol! (not a real conversation, but that's sort of what it must be like talking to me, from the artist's perspective) In all conversations I tend to overexplain (especially in forum threads...... ) and in the overexplaining I wind up confusing the artist, I think. Maybe artists hear this kind of description all the time and it is not unusual to them, but when I look at tattoos online it seems like people certainly must go in with a very specific concept in mind right off the bat.

If I make myself wait until I have a particular design, the more time I allow to decide, the more it changes, and the more indecisive I become. For me, especially with a convention coming up where I admire a particular artist and am blown away by their work, I almost want them to just design something themselves, instead of waiting for me to come up with something, just so I will have something by THEM. Like if you had been around when Picasso was alive, and you were friends, you'd just want him to draw or paint ANYTHING for you, just so you could have something he did, some of his art in your possession.

I think the solution is to keep getting tattoos. Eventually I'll manage to cover all the different styles I like, maybe.

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