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Re-entering :)


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Welcome! Not to pry, and it may be very personal, but could you share a) why you left tattooing, and b) why you are getting back into it? BTW, the drawing look good!

Hi Pidjones, thanks for the welcome, and taking the time to check out my drawings.

The reason I left, is a combination of different things, but the main reason was that I wanted more stability for my children, and more time with them. The shop where I did my apprentice-time, had more tattooers than "work", so lots of long hours with little income. (and yes, that is part of the deal, but off course my responsibility as a parent is the biggest and most important deal :D )

The reason I'm getting back, is because "in my mind" I never really stopped, I was just making a choice that was right for my family that time, always knowing I would want to return. So here I am!

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