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My first tattoo


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Looking for my first one too! Still saving up, but love the craft so I joined for advice ^_^

From what I heard the ribs are killer, so you might want to avoid those for your first piece. Have you thought about doing an upper arm piece to eventually turn into a sleeve? I seen a pic of someone with a cornucopia overflowing with vegetables a while back that turned out good. Or are you more black and gray?

These questions might help...

A) What subject matter do you like now?

B) What have you liked for a long time (like something from childhood)?

C) What styles do you like?

D) Do you want any color?

E) Does it have something in it that might make you want to get it covered up one day (name, fad, celebrity inspired, something illegal,...)?

In the end, you have to follow your heart. Can't wait to see what you come up with hun! :D

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From the pictures posted, you seem really set on getting either your chest or your face tattooed. I vote for the face.

I have no idea what to tell you to get tattooed, you kind of need to figure that out for yourself. What kinds of things do you like? Color? Black and gray? Realism? American traditional? Look at tons of pictures of tattoos to get some ideas, I don't know what else to say.

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