Hello from Ireland

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Hello all-

30 year old tattoo collector here.

I really like the forum - very friendly vibe, it doesn't feel like there's a 'clique'.

I've been collecting tattoos for the past ten years. I began with a small and ill-considered piece of tribal which I got done in Rising Dragon, NYC. After that the bulk of my work has been japanese style - half-sleeves and chest by Mo Coppoletta (The Family Business) in London, and my left leg by him too.

Last year I started getting really interested in old school tattoos and when I was in Chicago last summer I picked up a piece from Chris Smith (Deluxe Tattoo) in Chicago. I've kind of said to myself that my right leg will be my 'old school' leg, and I've been salivating over work by the likes of Valerie Vargas and Tutti Serra who work across the sea in the UK.

I am starting to research and engage more with online forums, magazines and blogs because I'm on the hunt for ideas for a backpiece.

Best wishes to all.

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Welcome Rory and thanks. We look forward to more positive contributions from you.

Let us know when you get some tattoo pictures uploaded to your gallery or post them in the relevant threads.

Did you see the Back Piece thread for tattoo ideas?

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Hello Rory, and welcome. I love Mo, thanks for posting those pics of your leg. Can't wait to see what else you've been hiding up your sleeves. (Sorry, bad pun, couldn't stop myself in time.)

Take care,


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Hi Bigjoe-

I've been keeping an eye on Ross Nagle's blog and what's going on at All-Stars in Limerick.... Looks like a good shop. I think I've spent my tattoo quota for the year at this point, though, I'm running out of skin as it is.

For my Japanese style I've always travelled over to London, but the standard in Dublin is definitely improving too.

Another good Japanese style artist working in Ireland is Chris Crooks of White Dragon Tattoo in Belfast.

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