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Hello! New here and Just got my first piece 3 weeks ago, have question...


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Hello! It took me a long time to decide on a tattoo, but i'm very glad I did. I got an awesome piece done 3 weeks ago. It was my first tattoo and the sitting was almost 8 hours.

My question is in some of the shaded areas on the faces (around the nose, under the eyes and side of face on the larger face. And to the left side of the lips.) The shading has darkened up a lot. I did have a bad reaction to a soap I was using and possibly the lotion too. I switched those out and the skin has settled down. I'm being told that these areas are bruising and or irritation and will go away once completely healed. My artist is phenomenal and has been doing realism for over 10 years, so I do trust him. But being new to the whole tattoo game, I guess I'm just looking for piece of mind.

First shot is from right after it was finished, and second shot is from this morning (22nd day)

Will those areas lighten up?

Thanks all!



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Thanks so much! In you opinion does this look like bruising? It seems like those shaded areas have a very light ink, for blending and I'm seeing the bruising through that? I know when i saw it, when it was finished, the area on the bottom portrait by her Lip, her left/your right. was just a small shadow and now it is a brownish red. I assume thats because shading can really work the skin over. again, any input is appreciated.


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i think give another 3 weeks and you'll have a better idea - i see what you mean in your description but i would def encourage you to resist overthinkin this piece - its dope - love it...and keep going with some more ink - every tattoo has imperfections but i think once you get your head straight on this one you'll be stoked to have it on you

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