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Hey from Newfoundland


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Hey humans,

Pretty bad at introductions so I'll just jump in and blurt out some random crap I guess.

The whole world of tattooing has always been this sort of seductive, mysterious thing to me. I never really had the chance to go ahead and get one until I went on a high school trip to Toronto and managed to trick the guy at the shop into giving me a tramp stamp I drew up. You're 19? Yaaas! Best kind. (16)

Fast forward a few insane years and here I sit, with I don't know how many designs and birds and dots on me. I've managed to keep them all under wraps for the most part but I think I might start moving on to my arms at some point once I design something I can live with.

I decided to join this forum because I'm interested in other peoples experiences and art choices. You guys have an awesome collective skin gallery! Excellent work in an unlimited variety of styles.. I look forward to talking to you and hopefully getting some feedback on a piece I'm working on for my inner calf.

The overall concept is a nature scene, larger and up close perspective at ankle height, then following a river that gets smaller as it goes up my leg, leading away to the ocean and a sunset. Who knows, maybe I'll keep going into space as I get higher haha. Why not!

So yes, I've been working with my artist and they just do a little bit at a time as I'm working out the design. It works for both of us. I'm just sort of open to suggestions or possibilities, or criticism or anything at all. It's all good. So on that note; here's my gam.


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