Hello From Ontario

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hello last sparrow tattoo community!

i am AbbyRoad and i found this forum via stumbleupon last night, and i gotta say it looks mighty fine.

ive been looking for a nice and cosy tattoo forum to become a member of and this place seems like it could work out.

so heres hoping im more than just a one post wonder (i know how annoying they are from other forums).


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hello there!! welcome to LST!

this place is for sure very cozy, you get to know people very well from what they post!

I'm so happy to see another member from Ontario Canada!

whats your favorite thread so far?

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thats a tough one to say....

id have to say the full back piece thread.

so many beautiful pictures of fabulous tattoos, in so many different styles.

i cant wait to add some of my favorite tattoos in all the different threads :)

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