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opaque gray for crow tattoo


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I met with a local tattoo artist the other day to discuss my ideas for a crow

tattoo and he's going to sketch something out.

He mentioned using "opaque gray" - a term I'd not noticed before.

From a quick google I see that opaque gray is an alternative to watering down

black. What do people think of the use of opaque gray/grey in general, and for

a crow in particular...??


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This is just a personal bias, but the whole point of a crow/raven is that it's black. That's a great part of what makes them striking. Doing it in grey kinda diminishes that for me. With that said, they come in black/white combinations that are also beautiful. That might be a good route to go as well.

Again, just the highly subjective opinion of a person with multiple crow/raven tattoos.

(And @cltattooing - Thanks for the explanation!)

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i used and greywash and opaque grey in my work. Selection of the first or second method depends on the picture but is still a choice preferences. But i more like opaque grey - i think such tattoo look more bright (if such can be said for not colored tattoo) and solid. But method about used graywash darker :)

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