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Hello, I am new to the forums. I for the most part joined to get an opinion on my first tattoo.

I have had a bad hyper pigmentation scar on my chest since i was a teenager and finally got a cover up. I am at the point where I am regretting the tattoo, but I can't seem to get an honest opinion of my tattoo from friends and family.

What do you guys think? I had large dark spots covered up, the mane of the lion is still not done so you can see where the big brown spot was. Was it a decent job? Would a more lifelike portrait been better?

thanks for your opinions.

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No man, that thing is BOMB!! I like the style and it's even better because it had dual purpose for you. Doubt anything too realistic would have given you the coverage you wanted.....but that's a little hard to say cause not sure what the spots looked like prior. Looks great to me at this point though. And it really only matters what you think.

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