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Saying hello from Liverpool, UK


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I've been lurking for a while, so apologies in advance for not introducing myself earlier.

Got my first tattoo (on my right shoulder) six years ago when my Dad died and I was approaching 40 years old - so I am a relative latecomer!

The intervening years have been "interesting" as I got separated and had to buy a new house etc. etc.

I now have a partner who has and loves tattoos, so this year the decision was to expand my collection.

In September this year I got my left upper arm done with a single large pinup, and in two weeks I am back to have a slightly smaller tattoo added to my right upper arm. Both are/will in the traditional style as this is the style I most identify with personally. However, I admire most other styles on others - well if they are well executed of course!

I have also discovered that all future Xmas presents are now sorted... I paid for my girlfriend to have a tattoo a couple of weeks ago (traditional style butterfly) and she was made up. However, I do fear I won't get away to just pointing at her arm on December the 25th <smile>

Anyway, thought I'd say hello....


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Here is my left arm...


Done by Richie Clarke, Forever True, Liverpool - September 2015

Because it's on my right shoulder blade a bit difficult to take an uptodate photo, so here is one that I took after it was done six years ago.

Size wise I would say it was about four inches in diameter.


Done by Richie Clarke in 2009

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    • Hi all, I am new in this industry and i would like to know if there is any platform only for professionals to find guest spots, long term work etc... even for tattoo owners studios to publish job offers for artists. I would like to fins a platform like Linkedin but only for tattoos professionals. HOnestly i do not like to use instagram or facebook for professional stuff and for example tattoodo is more to find clients not offers to work in studios or offers jobs if i am a owner.   Said that i really appreciate you support on it.   Thanks in advance and apologies if i make a mistake on where to posrt my concern   Best, John
    • I was prepared for my knee ditch to be a tough spot to heal. I was not prepared for it to get INFECTED! Ugh. Fortunately, I sought medical care as soon as something seemed amiss: abnormal redness around the tattoo about a week out from getting it done, and the worst tattoo itchiness I’ve ever experienced (I actually thought I’d gotten a mosquito bite ON the fresh tattoo at first.) I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days and it hasn’t drastically improved, but the itchiness has subsided and at least it doesn’t appear to be getting worse. And the tattoo still seems to be healing normally. Not sure where I went awry with this healing as I babied this tattoo more than any of my others. I only washed twice a day instead of three, but I also wasn’t leaving the house at all and had it exposed to air almost constantly. *shrug* I emailed my artist and the shop just to give them a heads up, which I felt kind of weird about but they should know, right? I don’t actually think I picked this up at the shop, but couldn’t hurt for them to give everything a nice once over with disinfectant, yeah? Anyway, this first picture is some mild redness, the second is the worsening redness one day later that prompted me to go to urgent care. The second is a couple days later. Looks about the same currently…really hoping to see more significant improvement soon.  
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