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Saying hello from Liverpool, UK


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I've been lurking for a while, so apologies in advance for not introducing myself earlier.

Got my first tattoo (on my right shoulder) six years ago when my Dad died and I was approaching 40 years old - so I am a relative latecomer!

The intervening years have been "interesting" as I got separated and had to buy a new house etc. etc.

I now have a partner who has and loves tattoos, so this year the decision was to expand my collection.

In September this year I got my left upper arm done with a single large pinup, and in two weeks I am back to have a slightly smaller tattoo added to my right upper arm. Both are/will in the traditional style as this is the style I most identify with personally. However, I admire most other styles on others - well if they are well executed of course!

I have also discovered that all future Xmas presents are now sorted... I paid for my girlfriend to have a tattoo a couple of weeks ago (traditional style butterfly) and she was made up. However, I do fear I won't get away to just pointing at her arm on December the 25th <smile>

Anyway, thought I'd say hello....


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Here is my left arm...


Done by Richie Clarke, Forever True, Liverpool - September 2015

Because it's on my right shoulder blade a bit difficult to take an uptodate photo, so here is one that I took after it was done six years ago.

Size wise I would say it was about four inches in diameter.


Done by Richie Clarke in 2009

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