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Hiya, I'm a lady from London. 23 year old student, not working at the moment. I have three finished tattoos, and currently working on a neotrad calf sleeve (one session down, at least two or three to go). Always been interested in tattoos and getting covered, got my first two tattoos at 18, and just slowly adding so I don't run out of space by the time I'm 30. But it's hard to resist the urge!

Nice to meet you all, lurked here a few times but never got involved before.

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Welcome.... from a new initiate and ex-lurker.

Thanks! Welcome to you too, I guess ;)


Pictures or it didn't happen :D

Pics soon! It's on the peel at the moment, so it looks like hell, but hopefully it'll be looking semi-decent again soon, then pics.

And thanks!

Hey there. I live in London too. Just curious, who is working on your leg sleeve? Do you have any favourite shops in London?

Antony Flemming is doing my calf sleeve (not whole leg). I'm pretty stoked with how it is coming along at the moment, though there's no colour yet (and I have no colour tattoos at the moment, so it's gonna take some getting used to, I'm sure). I don't have a favourite shop per say, but I do love what is coming out of Cloak & Dagger and Kamil Tattoos at the moment.

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