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Eagles to me are like Rock of Ages, classic/timeless tattoos! The mental association with the word "tattoo" within the top five images that will pop into my head are eagles. Something about them always catches my eye in tattooers portfolios and flash at tattoo shops. I'm often drawn to the older flash at shops and will look for long periods of time at each eagle. I love seeing old tattoo pictures as well with people who have large eagle chestpieces (I couldn't find any online so pls share if you have some). I have seen some amazing ones pop up on this tattoo forum as well and hope the users will post theirs here that they have collected, tattooed, and drawn.

I have quickly gathered some eagle pictures from tattooers who I think do great eagles: Lindsey Carmichael, Nick Colella, Thomas Hooper, Chad Koeplinger, Stefan Johnsson, and Tim Lehi.

Share your favorite eagle tattoos and tattooers who do the eagles you like.....have at it!

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Another great collection by the look of things Avery ! Perfect sizing on that Eagle ,i've attached another along the same lines by Bert Krak ,think the solitary Eagle is super strong .

So many good Eagles but my favourite piece of Eagle art is Scott Sylvias picture .This is just crying out for a back to adopt it .

I love Chad Koeplingers birds too Lochlan especially his talons which often are supersized .

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