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eh from canada


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I'm Ash.

I've been admiring tattoos for several years but didn't get my first one until I was almost 30. I have three now and plans to get a few more. I'm glad I waited to get them cause I remember the ideas I had when I was younger and I know for sure I wouldn't like for them to be on me now.

Currently I have an owl on my back, butterfly with the colour of my children's birthstones on my wrist and a scorpion on my ankle.

It says I can ask a question in my intro. I have a few but I'll ask the simplest one

Is it considered tacky or dumb to get more of one of the same thing. For example I love owls and as mentioned I have one on my back. Would it be stupid it I got another owl tattoo but like say way smaller and different style.somewhere else? Or would people be like "why do you have two owl tattoos weirdo?"


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Hi Ash,

Welcome aboard. I think you'll find that many of us have multiple versions of subjects. I have a few different roses, a couple of matching swallows, several stars, a few skulls, and probably more that I've forgotten. A friend of mine has a sleeve of different hawks. Some good advice: work on it with a good artist - placement is going to matter when you start getting multiples. Have fun - I wish I could go back and start again, not because I regret anything I've done, it's just that the process was so great.

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Hey there, I agree with most of the other guys here. All up for multiples even if they are in the same style, just as long as they are spread out a bit and a different composition. I have a thing for snakes, butterfly girls and roses...would gladly fill my whole body with different versions of them.

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eh EH Ash, welcome

not a silly question or idea

i've got lots of multiples:

-birds: 2 cranes, 1 eagle, 1 falcon, 1 headless owl, 1 dove + 3 background bird shadows

- 3 monkeys

- 3 snakes

- 2 dragons (well 3 if you count the fine detail on my back, 4 if you count an upcoming surprise)

- 2 Saints + 1 monk

- bunch of bugs

I'd get more scorpions !

the best part of tattoos is you can get whatever you want

tattooing is yours and what you make of it. so enjoy !

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Iagree with what the guys wrote already. I don't have any tattos yet but I have already booked two tattos (one for December, one for March 2016) which both will have a skull combined with other objects, they will be made by 2 artist with different styles and placed one on my leg the other on my rib cage.

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