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Introduction and a couple of questions for the tattooers


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Hi Everyone,

I've lurked around here for a while but thought it would be useful to finally sign up and contribute every now and again.

I'm a 30 something living in London.

Went to get my first tattoo when I was 18 with my sister and didn't get another until I was 23. I didn't properly get into tattoos or have a true appreciation for good tattooing until moving to London when I was about 25 - it helps to be in a city with so many talented tattooers and to actually have some disposable income to actually invest in good tattoos. Since moving here I've been very lucky to be tattooed by some great people both from the UK and visiting tattooers and have also visited a couple of shops abroad.

My questions are for the tattooers:

1. How do you feel about your customers sharing your work and posting photos of tattoos you've given them? For example, I don't really want to post pictures of my tattoos as I feel like it's not my work and it's up to the tattooers to put the photos online, or in their portfolios - it's not really up to me. Would you rather that your customers share your work and spread the word or would you rather they leave that to you?

2. Would you rather tattoo someone who knows exactly what they want or someone who hasn't really got a clue but is happy to work with you and take your advice?

Looking forward to getting involved and taking some inspiration for a backpiece that I'll be getting started with in the new year!



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