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Hello! Did I just get screwed?


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Woot! First tattoo had been got! Very satisfied with how it turned out, though I forgot to take pics before bandaging it up.

I still kinda feel like I was overcharged $300, and I tipped $40) but I liked the artist and think he did a good job. Though there were a couple awkward moments, like when I was asking if it was possible to get an idea of how it would be shaded ahead of time. I mean, I felt super-awkward in general, as a first-timer, but it was a good experience.

He also seemed surprised that I tipped.

Edit: here it is! Http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/member/19144-first-tattoo.html&imageuser=59622 19144-first-tattoo.html&imageuser=59622

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