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Tattooing on an existing bruise


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Hey guys,

I'm booked in to get a tattoo tomorrow on my front/inner thigh just above my knee. in this area I'm sporting a fresh new bruise. Did it playing sport 2 days ago. With the placement only a portion of the new tat will be on the bruise.

Other then discomfort is there any issue in terms of affecting the end result of the tattoo?

Cheers for anyones input.

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I am about to get a tattoo on my upper right leg in 5 days and yesterday i notice a sort of random medium  bruise kind of in the area of where i am getting tattooed, its not painful but it has me a bit concerned and embarrassed. My question is would it be a issue for the tattoo artist regarding it. i am trying real hard to get it to heal and vanish before my tattoo as i really want to get this tattoo and i booked this 2 weeks ago

if anyone has Instagram message me with advice 


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