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Tattooing over 13-Year-Old Scars. (Pics)


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So, I've got these really old scars on my back (had surgery to remove keloidal scars 13 years ago) that I'm booked in to get tattooed over next month. I spoke to my artist about them, she asked how old they were and took a look at them and said its no problem at all. Didn't seem to be perturbed by them in the slightest.

Of course I've read a ton of conflicting information online (also loads about how extra painful tattooing over scars is- yippee), some saying if a scar is raised at all it can't be tattooed over, and if it's red or pink that's a no-go as well (mine is raised slightly and pink). Again- they're 13 years old. I can't seem to find any photos online of anyone getting tattoos over scars that look exactly like mine either.

I totally trust my tattoo artist, she has an amazing portfolio and is very experienced and the shop is extremely well know on and reputable so I'm sure she knows what she's talking about, but just to put my mind at ease I wanted to get others' professional opinion (or just the opinion of experienced tattooed people!).

... Just a side note: I'm stopping below the two linear scars, not going over the keloids on the bottom. Also I'm not doing this because I'm embarrassed or ashamed of them... I just want a tattoo in that area and there just so happens to be scars there! If that makes sense. Thanks.

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It CAN be done. One of my more recent tattoos went over a very raised 30+ yr old scar on my arm. It was a visible and puffy scar and I can't even find it anymore. In fact when the tattooer posted it on instagram, he billed the tattoo as a "scar coverup". It worked perfectly and healed fine. Best of luck to you!

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