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Hello from arizona!


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Hey my name is kirsten! I am 20! I love harry potter and recently got a harry potter tattoo. It has lillys representing harry's mom and antlers representing his patronus (a stag) It keeps getting mistaken for a hunting tattoo and I would love some ideas on how to add to it and make it more magical ;) img_3158_thumb.jpg Theres a picture of it :) Let me know what you guys think!! :D

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Haha I guess you guys are right! Do you think a quote would look stupid or something like that? I dont know I just love adding new ink juts dont want to ruin it!

agreed - by all means get more ink - but yeah i think that piece stands alone nicely - thats the beauty of tattoos - i dont know much about harry potter (though the HP attractions in universal are quite awesome) - but i can appreciate the visual impact of your tattoo without knowing a thing about your motivations for said tattoo

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yknow, it doesn't matter what tattoo you get, how simple or detailed it is, or how you think you need to add to it

people are going to confuse it, infer meaning, and make fun of it ;)

plainskins will always ask "like, what?" or "like, why?"

My first tattoo...it didn't matter what it was, my friends called me Eminem for like 2 weeks (which was really funny).

A recent example ... from a weekend of bullshitting at Christmas parties... i've had several people ask me what the tattoo is on the back of my neck...i'm like it's a butterfly, can it get anymore obvious? and they are like "like why a butterfly, like what does it mean maaaan" and I'm like "uh change, obviously" because telling them my homeboy kept the shop open late to slam a butterfly on me that i randomly picked out his sketch book...yeah people will not get that, unless of course they are tattoo people, like here on LST ! On the flip side, this random older lady comes up to me at the restaurant, tells me how beautiful and colourful the tattoo is and we have a lovely conversation about butterflies and meaning they carry for each of us.

So for the dozen assholes that laugh/question a nice gal for getting a buck hunter tattoo, there is going to be 1 person that loves Larry Potter as much as you and you'll have a friendly random magical conversation and I hope that happens frequently for you.

you love it, you love harry potter, it's a nice tattoo, it's your tattoo ... own it !

- - - Updated - - -

"Larry Potter" lol inside joke that I can't let go of

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you know what though - i answer every question about the meaning of my tattoos the same - "no meaning - just for fun" - most people need to hear that at least twice before they accept that - now - its not true completely - because i think every tattoo has some meaning - even if its in the loosest sense of the word - we're attracted to the image - to the moment maybe - like my friday the 13th tattoos i got recently - to me they represent the absolute joy of sometimes just being impulsive and spontaneous and being in a super fun moment - anyway - many of my tattoos have some deep meaning - does the meaning surpass my attraction to the image or the concept - probably not - but its there - anyway - enjoy your tattoo

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