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Introduction and question - stencil ink permanent?


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Hello everyone! I'm a 41 yo female and finally got my first tattoo after several years of contemplation. So excited and glad I took the plunge. I do have a question though.

It's an all white tattoo script. 10 days old and I followed the care instructions from my very professional artist who does amazing work. Researched him and even talked to people who used him in the past. He does beautiful work but had never done an all white tattoo.

Most of the areas are perfect, but there are a few areas that seem to be 'bluish'. Most of the peeling is done, I did follow his after-care instructions to a T. I am assuming the stencil/transfer ink may be 'inside' my skin. The artist did say it could take up to 2 weeks for the stencil ink to leave.

Could the stencil ink be there forever? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Thank you for the link to the thread, it confirmed what I had researched prior and did give me more new info. As you can see, if I attached the pictures correctly, most of the lettering is white and exactly what I wanted. Some of the lettering is bluish/grayish, there were more areas that had this color when I first got it 2 weeks ago but they have disappeared.

I realize some people don't think this is a 'proper' tattoo. I had my reasons for doing it exactly like this; just like other people who design their own tattoos and put a lot of thought and effort into it, I wanted it how I wanted it knowing the risks involved. It has deep meaning to me.

What I'm wondering is, if the stencil ink is 'degradable'. As a nurse I know that some things degrade in the body and some things do not. The research I've done, Internet, forums, asking artists, give me differing information. Some insist the stencil ink degrades and some say it's permanent.

I know it hasn't fully healed but my quest for knowledge just won't let me let it go. A friend told me about this site and how this community is so knowledgeable, and did warn me I might get some flack for my non traditional tattoo :p.

So does anyone know if stencil ink degrades if it gets pushed into the body?

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Elvish (or Language of Mordor if you want to be specific) was actually what I was going for at first but adapted a bit, then I saw this script and my artist said it would work better so I went for it.

If you look at the third picture, towards my wrist to the left you'll see some lettering that is not as white. This picture may show it better. The M to the left is all that bluish/grayish color.

I don't think it's scaring, I have PTSD from nursing in the military (TMI?) and I break out in hives so I think my skin is just blotchy and it's still pretty new.

So does anyone think this non-white coloring will fade in a while? Once I know I won't be as anxious about it, permanent or not I'd just like my recent hive attacks to go away and once I know then it will. I appreciate any and all of your expert opinions and thank you so much for the time and energy y'all are taking to help me

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hey there, there is not much you can do now except wait. white ink takes a bit longer to really settle in the skin from my experience (i have blocks of white on my arm and back, also white highlights in miniature tattoos). i recall stencil transfer ink lingering for weeks after lining my back (but that's heavy black lines, not white lines). i was scrubbing adjacent older tattoos for weeks to get rid of the stencil ink and the blasted bandage tape residue!

please keep us update in a couple months...either it will be a white ink success story or another example of why it's a risky tattoo design. worst case scenario, the tattoo looks blue, you run it over in black and problem solved. time will tell. you should also be aware that white ink tattoos tend to get a golden hue in the summer time.

let it heal, enjoy the tattoo for what it is (it is meaningful to you afterall).

i think it will turn out fine for you.

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Thank you for your experienced reply on how long it took for the stencil ink to go away! Did a bit more Google imaging searches on white ink tattoos healing and found these images. As you can see the 3 day old tattoo has the same coloring as mine does but 4 months later, when they did another update the coloring was gone so I'm excited to see this might be my result too.

Either way I'm honestly happy I got it, even if it stays the same. I will update on mine once it heals. The information I've been able to find, if anyone is interested, they recommend using clear disposable containers (don't know if I'm describing this correctly) inside the tattoo machine and to 'rinse' the needle with water before dipping back into the white ink so that minuscule metal shavings don't embed themselves in the white design. I did tell my tattoo artist about this and he was happy to follow the advice I found, such a nice man.

Again, thank you so much!

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