Greetings From Florida!... and a question? :)

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Hello, my name is Pedro I am a 24 year old architect intern in south Florida. I'm also very much into very precise abstract line drawings given my background in architecture. I'm looking for a tattoo artist that is very precise and accurate.Now, I have found artists that I think are what I am looking for such as Dr. Woo and Jao tattoo from Brazil. The problem is, one is located in California and the other in Brazil. The purpose of my thread is to find a tattoo artist in south Florida (Miami, Palm Beach) or at least in Florida, that is of the caliber of Dr.Woo and Jao. Please if anyone knows of an artist like this please let me know... Thanks!


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Precision and accuracy are the qualities of a good tattooer. It might be a long drive for you, but given that you are in Florida, I would go to Inksmith and Rogers.

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