How to deal with annoying meaning of tattoo question

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Not sure why some get so annoyed by this question.

Options for responses:

Tell them the truth. "Thought it was cool and I wanted it."

Keep them guessing. "It's personal and I only tell certain people."

Make up a fun story. "It's a reminder of the time I got separated from my group while on safari in lion country....." "I had a pet lion when growing up, but had to give him to the zoo when he got big."

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My first couple tattoos don't really show but have been asked by a few who have seen them. Neither of them have a deep meaning but each of them have 'hidden' elements that are only known to 2-3 people and are incredibly meaningful to me. But, basically....my tattoos are images of things that I have liked very much since childhood. I love the art and have been lucky to work with an amazing artist on these first 2.

.....so, to answer the OP's question I would reply 'because the art is amazing, I like tattoos, and mostly just because I fucking want them' LOL

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I usually don't mind being asked if its one on one and the person is really interested in tattoos.

I had too many people ask me,who really don't like tattoos.

I hate being around a lot of people when someone asks about my tattoos,because everyone stops

what they are doing to listen to my answer.I don't like attention.

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Tell em your neighbors dog told you to do it,among other things....I do.But you the same more polite than me so if you can't get it out of the conversation by picking your phone up and Sam sorry I got to take this and just kind and tell him I love lions Hollywood beautiful and my body so I got it.Not like they paid for.

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