Barney The Tattoo Noob - Hello!

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Hello people! My name's Barney -

After many years of wanting to get a tattoo I finally did! A couple of days ago i got my first tattoo which is behind my ear. It's just the name of someone very special that I lost. While i was getting the tattoo done i couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of it, like an addiction. So with that being said i do plan on getting more ink in the near future and I just thought it would be great to join a tattoo forum to learn more about the ink and care of it.

I do have some questions regarding my aftercare which i posted on the link below but I have not yet gotten any replies :( . Anyways, nice to meet you all and look forward to reading through many of topics.

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I can't assist with tagaderm questions, and the forum is kind of quiet for the holidays - but if you got it done 5 days ago you don't need to do anything else with it at all.

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