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Hello everyone, I am new to last sparrow but longtime viewer of the video interviews, really glad there is a forum for the kind of good tattooing and history that I love! I have been tattooing since the early 90's in West Palm Beach Florida, and own Altered State Tattoo in Lake Worth Fl since 96'. I also paint in acrylic and have shown my art at Copro Nason in LA and Last Rites in NYC. I am known for my roller coaster and ride themed paintings, which I use as a springboard to explore different themes and cultural iconography. My site is -- POOCH ISLAND -- and my tattoo site is Altered State Tattoo

I pretty much tattoo anything but have a passion for japanese and american traditional as well as any large scale lowbrow and surreal style art. I just completed a huge 4 x 5 ft. Canvas for Flo and Don Makofske from national supply of a crazy car rollercoaster.

You can see more of my current tattoos and paintings in progress on my Instagram Pooch_art


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Nice to have you aboard, Pooch! Wow, just browsing a few pages of your art and tattoo work shows you have quite a talent. If I lived near Florida I'd certainly get some work by you.

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Thanks Liuk3!

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Thanks Motsimus!

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Thanks SStu!

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Thanks Tig!!!

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    • This is true, I'm not too worried about the monotone as the image I want is all black lines, and as I'm making the image larger across my chest I think this will create more negative space between the lines, however I will mention the overcrowding of lines and the possibility of it bleeding out into a big blob to him when I meet him in person tomorrow. Any other pearls of wisdom I should ask him about would be warmly welcomed!
    • Haha, that's perfect :), last week I gave them a jingle and scheduled an appointment with Aaron Coleman.   It's good to know I was going in the right direction, thanks!
    • What you need to do is some research. Find a reputable artist, experienced with coverups and see what they can do. Get multiple recommendations from people with good work.   Did you not look at what they were going to tattoo on you before they started????
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