Hello from Norway/Canada

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Figured I might just make an account here after a bit of lurking.

I got my first tattoo 13 months ago and got 8 professional tattoos since that time, with more planned. After getting into tattoos, I've really enjoyed reading and learning about the history of tattooing, especially after I found out that my great grandfather got tattooed when he was a ship captain between 1910-1925. So I ended up here after watching a bunch of the LST interviews...

I'm born and raised in Norway, but I currently live in Vancouver BC where I work for a major sportswear company.

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Uploaded what I have photos of. It's all done in BC with the exception of one from Morten Transeth at Blue Arms in Oslo. I'll do something about that on Thursday :D

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Thanks! Yeah the placement just worked out perfectly. Can't do anything else than to give Tony all the credit he deserves!

edit: Cool Avery. Anyone I need to check out in Vancouver? I guess I know about the common known tattooers, but I'm sure there are someone that I don't know but should.

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