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Greetings from California!


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I decided to bite the bullet and register since I have been lurking for so long! I got my first tattoo when I was 17 (which is covered now, thankfully) but got seriously into getting tattooed and the whole collecting thing over the past few years. Looking forward to filling up my empty spaces and meeting awesome people along the way.

I am currently a social worker but have also spent time teaching and doing various other things...hope to further diversify in the future. I am definitely in the long sleeve forever club, which in Southern California can be upsetting but it's also worth every second of enduring the sweltering heat. I have uploaded some of my collection to my gallery...mostly the stuff on my legs or stuff I already had good pictures of. Once I enlist help with photography I will upload the stuff on my arms (or upload them in respective threads). I take pretty bad pictures, so my apologies in advance for that.

My most recent addition was by Johan Svahn, and it's still healing...before that I got tattooed by Chris Conn. Both allowed me to cross something off my bucket list!

Hope to see you all around, excited to be here!

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Welcome, great tattoos! Particularly diggin the kitsune fugu and your back :)
yep ! that back piece is rockin' ! love it.

Thanks! I am eternally grateful to Aron for rescuing my back...the lotus tattoo was actually originally a little crooked and the two symbols under the crows interrupted great real estate, so I am so glad he was up for the challenge and could turn it into something so awesome :)

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