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Hi everyone!


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Good morning. What kind of art do you normally do? You're in a good city for some great tattooers. Any tattooers or tattoo shops you've been gazing? I know many of us here in the US wish Stewart Robson and Valerie Vargas both from Frith St. Tattoo would come from London out here sometime soon......

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Hey guys,

I really like this guy, who tattoos out of Shangri-la in Shoreditch - Flickr: lyam's Photostream.

His work reminds me of old school etchings. I'll check out the names above, I have heard of Frith St Tattoo before.

Still reading up on different artists, there's so many!

You can see my work here Kenn Goodall / illustration & art and also blog type thing Kenn Goodall

How did you all decide on your first tattoo? Big question I know :)

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