Hello I've never gotten a tattoo and have a question

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Hello my name is Sage and I've never gotten a tattoo and would like to know if this could even work

I'd want the lines done in black either on my thigh above my knee or on my arm. I'm not sure how hard this would be or what to even expect.


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Hello and welcome! I think with that design, if you find the right artist it could be done. But it would mean removing a big part of the lines from where they are most concentrated and save the most important ones only. Also I believe that with a kind of weird, abstract idea like this you will have to find a good tattooer that works in this style and that has a lot of experience with positioning bigger shapes on the body, otherwise I think it could look very odd.

But providing you find the right artist and you put trust in her/him it could work. Maybe if you have the attitude that you want something like this and put trust in an experienced artist to redraw it into a tattoo that works technicaly and suits the area of the body.

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i mean - i'm all for getting the tattoo you want and i also am usually pretty stoked on just about any tattoo idea - but i dont like this one at all if i'm being honest

i'd say put yourself in a holding pattern and hang out here for awhile and you might develop some other ideas for tattoos you'd like to see on yourself

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