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Hi I'm New :)


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Hi everyone,

I've been browsing this forum over the last couple of days since I got part 2 done on my back tattoo and thought I'd finally sign up! :)

I've learnt so much since I started scrolling through this forum, you're all so informative.

I do have a question though:

I was wondering if back tattoos have the potential to be more painful than other areas. I have 2 tattoos on my wrists and one on my hip, they didn't hurt nearly as much as my back has. Granted my back piece is a lot larger than the other 3 tattoos I have, and it has been a cover up. Also I got a massive sunburn as a child which caused blisters so I had scar tissue from that and my artist said that it can be more painful to tattoo over scar tissue.

I'm just wondering if I'm a wuss or if other people have experienced similar pain?

You guys are all awesome :)

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Welcome! I've been tattooed on much of my body: arms, legs, a couple of small tattoos on my chest, and my back was the most painful by far. I would say that it's a difficult spot, but it's so large that it's really a series of difficult spots that are each horrible in their own way. You're not a wuss for it hurting.

Here's a thread about people talking about getting their backs tattooed:


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My largest tattoo is on my back (still quite small compared to people here though) and it was the most painful in some areas, like a hot knife through my skin, but in others it was really ok, more like gentle scratching. These areas were milimeters from each other, so it was like "hey, surprise!"

And it was also a cover up, the overworked spots were one special kind of hell.

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