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Hi from Italy/help with planning my arms


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Hi all,

I have been lurking here for a while, and finally decided to join!

I have always loved tattoos, but have really lacked the financial means and/or access to skilled artists until recently. I have a couple of ok-ish small pieces (upper arm and chest) that are around 15 years old - small being they key word plus the style is not really "me", however they are special memories and as such I'd never even consider covering them.

Around three years ago, while abroad, I got my first relatively big tattoo (palm sized on the upper back). This was sadly done by someone whose technique was ok but artistic talent a little less so. I learned a lot from the experience, plus I'm not really staring at it all day (it also actually looks ok unless you are quite close), so I'm still happy I had it done as it has really pushed me to continue getting tattooed AND to find a great artist.

This brings me to my latest tattoo which is a black/dotwork piece on my inner forearm, done about a month ago by a local artist I found just before Christmas and immediately knew to be "the one" to execute an idea I had been thinking of since my previous tattoo.

I am booked with the same guy for the 15th to tattoo my other inner forearm with a different, but complementary, design.

Funds allowing, I'll probably add several more tattoos to these. At the moment, my specific plans include a large piece on each (outer) upper arm (one will have to fit around the old small one). These will probably not be done by the same artist though since I'm looking at a different kind of style from the forearm ones. I'm sure there will be more as I come up with other designs that are meaningful to me. However, I'm not planning to go for a seamless sleeve look since the styles I like are rather graphic and, IMO, need the negative space to frame the single tattoos for maximum impact. Also, at least at this stage I'm not really comfortable with having work done on my torso and on the fence even about the upper tighs, so space is a bit of an issue.

So, taking into account these factors, I have been toying with the idea of adding a short script to the outer edge of my forearms. Bold, graphic, straight lined font as opposed to handwritten/calligraphy. I have at times had the impression that script is frowned upon by the more serious tattoo artists, but I have always been deeply affected by lyrics/literature and certainly see the beauty in words as much as in any other kind of visual art.

What I am concerned with is whether I'll regret using up the space later on (although you can probably see from my post that I don't really "do" regret :)). At the same time, I can't really visualize any other tattoos on my forearms without loosing the framed-by-skin look I prefer, so maybe it is a good thing?

I'll post a link to my newest tattoo in a bit, plus a reference pic to show where I'd like to get the script. I'd really love to hear what you think 'cause I really don't have any visually inclined friends/family who are willing to nitpick tattoo placement with me lol...

- - - Updated - - -

Wow, sorry for that huge block of text...

Anyway, here's my forearm tattoo (link to artist's insta):


If it's unclear from the pic, it basically takes up all the inner forearm (pic cuts off at wrist/elbow crease). The wings wrap up some onto the sides of the arm.

This is a Googled image of the script placement (slightly shorter phrase and not this style of font):


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I think what is frowned upon is people who get a bunch of lyrics tattooed in a small space real tiny without the foresight in how it's going to age down the road.I just think you should find an artist that specializes in that style because it is more challenging to do that style if you don't do it a lot.I dont know where this guy is in Italy,but he does nice lettering work.


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Thanks Joe! I can't figure out where the guy you linked to is based either but probably not close to me since I don't recall ever hearing of him. Also I'm not really drawn to his style, what I had in mind was something much more simple & linear - straight lines. I may be getting my terminology mixed up when I refer to what I want as "script"? If so, sorry!

What you wrote about a bunch of lyrics in a small space makes perfect sense to me; been there done that sadly (my back tattoo is framed by a perfect example of this).

With this in mind, I've been quite selective with the phrases I'm considering, and if it ends up looking too crowded I could actually go for one short phrase split between the two arms. I guess I'm kinda answering my own question here since now I'm thinking I'll just have him draw something on if we have the time during my next appointment to see if I like it or not, since I can't really do it myself given the placement, and go from there. Though I'm still not sure if I'd be better off "saving" the space for something else....

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