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Hey guys n' gals!

Joined up after being a long time reader. Sadly I did so because I am having my first problem with a tat. But anyhoo, a little about me. I am 31 and have been getting tats for the last 5 years or so. Have two large ones on my lower right leg, a half sleeve on my right arm, and working towards a full sleeve on my left arm. All of my tats are from the same artist as I have come to trust him and really respect his work (the only problem is getting an appointment in a reasonable amount of time haha jk). I'm a big fan of American traditional, portraits, bright colors, and especially animals!

For some reason I got a thin scab over the entire new tattoo. I would post a picture but I don't think this is the appropriate spot. I'm just not sure what to do when a scab starts to crack. The scabbing isn't super thick or raised, but I didn't wanna moisturize it too much because I know they need to dry out. When I tried to do some research I was overwhelmed with conflicting opinions and information. Some say to just let it dry out and some say to apply a tiny bit of lotion to prevent the cracking /sigh.

Anyways, I know this isn't the spot for this type of discussion, so I just wanna say hello to everyone and that I look forward to being a part of this forum.

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Okay cool! I didn't want to break any forum rules but if it's all good then here is a picture:


The raspberry is bright red so I am starting to think that may just be the color showing underneath the scab and not blood.

Everything else on that arm has healed perfectly so far so that's why I am worried (the picture of the owl is really blurry, it looks a lot more crisp):


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it'll heal eventually - i hate when they get scabby like that

when i have real scabby spots - i tend to just dry heal at that point

ride it out just part of the process sometimes

Thanks I appreciate the advice! It seems illogical to moisturize a scab!

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    • There's nothing to fix on that tattoo. It's still healing. Tattoos look weird when they are healing. A lot of people say to give it 6 weeks to heal and then judge, but I'd given it longer, at least three months. It shouldn't be shiny or bumpy then.  Secondly, a tattoo is not a sticker. No tattoo is perfect. Tattoos do not heal exactly the way they looked when they were first done. Skin is a living canvas and that means lines often spread or color migrates. It would be ridiculous to go back to your artist to get that "fixed." If you can't live with minor imperfections, then tattoos aren't for you. 
    • Tattoos in general fade with time. Trying to do anything to it while maintaining the original design is going to make a mess of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Sounds like you've already made up your mind. Honestly, if you don't point it out, 95% of people would never notice it.
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