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Hey guys n' gals!

Joined up after being a long time reader. Sadly I did so because I am having my first problem with a tat. But anyhoo, a little about me. I am 31 and have been getting tats for the last 5 years or so. Have two large ones on my lower right leg, a half sleeve on my right arm, and working towards a full sleeve on my left arm. All of my tats are from the same artist as I have come to trust him and really respect his work (the only problem is getting an appointment in a reasonable amount of time haha jk). I'm a big fan of American traditional, portraits, bright colors, and especially animals!

For some reason I got a thin scab over the entire new tattoo. I would post a picture but I don't think this is the appropriate spot. I'm just not sure what to do when a scab starts to crack. The scabbing isn't super thick or raised, but I didn't wanna moisturize it too much because I know they need to dry out. When I tried to do some research I was overwhelmed with conflicting opinions and information. Some say to just let it dry out and some say to apply a tiny bit of lotion to prevent the cracking /sigh.

Anyways, I know this isn't the spot for this type of discussion, so I just wanna say hello to everyone and that I look forward to being a part of this forum.

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Okay cool! I didn't want to break any forum rules but if it's all good then here is a picture:


The raspberry is bright red so I am starting to think that may just be the color showing underneath the scab and not blood.

Everything else on that arm has healed perfectly so far so that's why I am worried (the picture of the owl is really blurry, it looks a lot more crisp):


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it'll heal eventually - i hate when they get scabby like that

when i have real scabby spots - i tend to just dry heal at that point

ride it out just part of the process sometimes

Thanks I appreciate the advice! It seems illogical to moisturize a scab!

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