Making a sleeve out of my Tennyo, need add on advice

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I am at a loss for what to add on to this to make it a full sleeve. I want to take it to the wrist. I'm not sure what would go well with it. Dragon? Foo dog? Stick with the story and do a fisherman? Another Japanese feminine character?

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If you're not sure what tattoo to get, get a dragon tattoo while you think about it...

Honestly, I think all of these ideas will go fine subject wise so it depends on what your artist think will work best in the space available.


"Get a dragon" is the correct answer to any tattoo question.

Question: "I have too many dragons, what should I get next?"

Answer: "Get another dragon!"

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I wouldn't put a foo dog on an arm as I think more space would do the animal more justice. The arm foo dogs I have seen so far, were all lacking IMO. I may be slightly biased though as I have a largish shishi on my thigh and do think the size is pretty much perfect ;-)

I'm not familiar with the tennyo story, but how about 'just' adding some nice Japanese flowers? Peonies, chrysanthemums and lotus flower tattoos tend to be very pretty! Water i.e. fingerwaves could be nice, too.

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Yes, I think that is what I've decided. Some beautiful Japanese flowers against the waves or water would be nice.I don't want to take away from the Tenyo.Also, I agree that putting a shishi or a dragon on the arm will not be good for me. I want it to be readable. Time to tone up my thighs and get a dragon piece.

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