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Hi All-

I am a fellow collector and tattoo enthusiast. I am in the process of updating my collection. I recently had a old tattoo laser removed (about 10 or 11 sessions) to make way for some new ink that help complete a half sleeve. The old tattoo was poorly done and caused a decent amount of scarring. I am of mixed race (black and white) so my skin color although not dark, does have some color. As a result I suffered a good amount of hypopigmentation during the removal process. To make a long story short I recently got the area covered up by a very talented artist. Problem is the are areas in the tattoo that don't hold the ink well, especially in the areas of hypopigmentation. My question is this, has anyone had similar experiences with this and is there a way the artist could help improve the results? Also Would it make sense adding some flesh tones to tone down the discoloration and scarring? Any feedback is welcome. (attached pictures)


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I waited about 6 months or so. Also to note that the raised scar from the original tattoo has softened and flattened out a little since I got the cover up. I wonder if it was still healing hence the reason the ink did not take as well.

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Yeah but he is a little stumped as why the ink is not holding as well as his previous cover ups. Not sure if this is common or not. He does not seem to have a good answer. We talked about possibly adding some flesh color ink but not sure if that will help. We have a few more sessions to complete the half sleeve in the non cover up areas so I am hoping we can come up with something

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