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Noobie needs help/advice


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Hey guys! I am excited to join the sparrow community. I am looking forward to getting my first tattoo but need some advice from more experienced people.

First, I need some ideas on my design. I want to get something that has to do with music. I want it to be original and good, that's why I am seeking help. I love all types of music but mainly electronic music. I also want to get an owl so it would be really awesome to have those two combined (i'm a guy so nothing girly).

Second, where is a good place for it? I want it about the size of an adult palm and to be able to hide it. I was thinking of getting it on my upper back but i have acne marks/scars. Would that be a problem?

Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this. I can't wait to see what you guys have in mind.

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Do you expect to get a lot of other tattoos in the future? The shoulder is a good place for this kind of tattoo but it can be a valuable space if you end up wanting a full sleeve later on. Not that this couldn't be worked around. Also the calf can be a good place for a hideable tattoo. The back works but you won't be able to see it which may or may not matter to you. Talk to the artist. An owl wearing headphones could be cool? You might want to consider going slightly larger given the kind of detail you seem to be wanting. Good luck and don't worry, it doesn't hurt at all.

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@AverageJer is right. Also,

1st = figure out what kind of style (artwork) you prefer

2nd = figure out which artists that are within your travel area can rock that style

3rd = discuss design and placement options with that (or those) artist(s)

you are headed in the right direction.

This and also, don't nit pick what the artists draws.

Once you see what artist or style you like, trust them in giving you the best piece of art based on your idea.

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