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Hey my name is Jake I just recently got a new tattoo it took 3 hours no breaks I'm very impressed with it but I have a question. The tattoo on some of the shading parts I can see needle marks I got the tattoo about 1 month ago so I'm wondering if this is normal and will go away when healed fully.

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I was getting tattooed on Friday and my tattooer was laying down some truths. He said: "most tattoos have about 3 seconds to say what they are going to say". Think about that. Unless you have a significant other or some friends who are really into getting up close and personal, most people will only glance at your work as you move through life. I took his point to mean that overall impact and visceral response is more important than every detail being flawless. So that said, looking at the whole tattoo and not myopically at this one detail, do you like the effect of your tattoo or not?

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Oh, and, most tattoos are a series of individual dots. You will see those dots if you get up close enough, especially on newer work.

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