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Tattoo newb here. Need some insight!


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Hello LST, I'm probably going to get my first tattoo this weekend. It is an impossible star and it will be placed on my left shoulder blade and will be 4" by 4". If you need to know what one looks like just search for it in google images.

I've had this planned for months but I've been planning the next one after that as well and it is a FULL sleeve on my left arm. I'm really into reef aquariums and stuff like that so I thought why not do something with that.

So my idea was to basically merge these two tattoos into one.

I see the attachments are at the bottom so I'm just saying this here. The tattoo of the fish is kind of how I want it but the actual drawing is more of what I want.

Let me know what you guys think and if anyone can work some magic and come up with some concept art that'd be awesome! :D

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Ok so first off I am guessing you havent had a chat the to the artist yet and soon is a loose term. Getting a star and getting a sleeve started require different things (more or less discussion time : hey I like this star vs discussing the finer details of covering an entire arm, then time requirements... first or only session sitting time, references etc)

So a realistic underwater theme full sleeve with that particular star?

I'm trying to see how the two could tie in. The star is very geometric, sharp edges, not at all natural.

Then you have sea life. No straight edges, all flowing beautifully together regardless of what actual sea creatures you go with.

Personally, when I look at the two concepts, they just don't flow together. If you want the star, get it. But I am just struggling to see how it can work in a nature theme .

Just my oppinion.

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