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Sketchy Tattoo Artists in America?

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I've been desperately searching for artists who are doing this newer, sketchbook/illustration style of tattooing. I've found some amazing ones, but none of them seem to be in the United States!

The only person I could really find was David Hale in Athens GA, but I've been unable to get a hold of him for booking. If anyone knows any artists currently doing this style or who might be flexible enough to do this style please let me know! Right now I'm in Portland, OR but I'd travel across the country for the right artist.

Here's some examples:






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Check out Mike Moses in Columbus, OH. He's very illustrative, but not exactly like the above style. There are plenty of sketchy tattooers in the US however, they usually do full sleeves for a pack of smokes and dimebag.

I hear there's plenty of sketchy artists at my local state penitentiary too.

But seriously, I just checked out Mike Moses's work and this is definitely closer to what I'm looking for. His shading style is a little bit different then the images above, but he has that illustrative/story-book look to his designs which I love. Thanks for the lead.

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Funny "sketchy" to me means untrustworthy.

A couple of artists that do killer line work in Toronto are Jennifer Lawes at the Pearl and Alex Snelgrove at the Okey Doke



Jennifer often does guest work in Chicago at GLT.

Sketchy probably wasn't the best title to go with. I think the actual style of tattoo is called sketchworks. The ones you linked (which are super cool) are dotwork. I personally call those scientific-illustration tattoos because they look like drawings from an old science book.

If anyone's curious where I'm getting these names from:


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