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tattoos could help keep you from getting sick


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new research shows that tattoos might actually strengthen your immunological responses ... if you get enough of them, that is. Much in the same way that your muscles feel sore when you first start going to the gym, getting a tattoo can be exhausting, with the body's defenses lowered by the stress of the experience. But just as you'll feel less fatigued the more you exercise, the more tattoos you get, the more your body becomes able to deal with the experience, and the stronger its response becomes.

That's what the new research, conducted by scientists at the University of Alabama, has found.

Getting tattoos could help keep you from getting sick

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Excerpt from the conclusion of the research:


Our data suggest that the body habituates over time to the tattooing stressor. It is possible that individuals with healthy immune systems heal faster, making them more likely to get multiple tattoos.

Damn, I thought I was crazy when I noticed my tattoos healing faster. No wonder why it seems that the stress of getting tattooed decreases the more you get.

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