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My intro and quick question


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Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to tattoos. I currently have 3, my first was done when I turned 18. I'm now 25 and recently got one about a month ago and just got a new one last Wednesday. At first I came to find some answers but seeing how addictive tattoos are, I'm definitely gonna be getting more so I'll be sticking around. Sorry if this post turns out to be long but it has to do with an infection that I have a question about. (Skip to 3rd paragraph for info and the question)

A little about my tattoos - my first one is on the left side of my chest and is of my daughters birth foot prints with her name under the prints, this is my favorite one and it turned out awesome. My second one is one that I let a friend do. He had gotten a couple guns and a kit so I let him practice on me. We were as clean as we could be with it as far as tattooing in a bedroom goes. Clean needles, gloves, keeping the tattoo clean as he was doing it, clean caps to hold the ink and all that good stuff. But it is the German Coat Of Arms Eagle. For someone who had basically no experience it didn't turn out too bad and I'm happy with it. It healed up nice except I had some bumps around it I'm guessing due to low quality ink, I'm gonna buy him some good stuff. My 3rd one is a reaper on the inside of my right forearm, the design was taken from an album cover from my favorite band Sylosis. This one(done by a shop artist) was the worst experience. It looked awesome when she finished it but I had to go straight to work. After about 3 hours after getting the tattoo I messed up pretty bad. I work in a factory and have to pick up bikers of parts and dump on a table to sort. Well one bucket, a big one, had some oil and grease on it that I didn't know about. It came in direct contact with my 3 hour old tattoo. Smooth move right? I immediatly ran to the bathroom to wash it even though I was already screwed.

I kept up with the aftercare and washing it. About the 4th day it was looking bad. I was at work about 4am and I went to wash it and some dead skin peeled off in a few places to reveal a nasty lookin open wounds of pus in a few places. I checked online and concluded that it was infected. Asked if I could leave work and go to the hospital to get it checked out but they said I'd be fired if I left so I waited til I got off a few hours later and went to urgent care. They said it's Celulitis and prescribed me Cipro since I'm allergic to penicillin. I've been taking it for the past couple days and it's looking much better but I'm sure it's gonna come out messed up looking in some spots so my question is this-

Other than taking the meds, what else can I do, if anything, so that it heals as well as possible so it's not completely trashed when it heals? I've kept it completely dry and haven't used any lotion or anything on it mainly because idk if I can and I don't wanna accidentally peel of any of the scabs prematurely. Some are starting to flake off a little already so I feel like if I was to try and rub lotion on it than they would get peeled off when they weren't exactly ready.

Any help and/or advice is appreciated. I just don't want it to be too far gone that touch ups aren't gonna help. Ive already accepted that if touch ups do help than it won't look the best up close, this was my fault, nobody to blame but myself. But I'll do what I can to make it look decent. Pretty pissed I messed up someone else's art work too. I feel pretty bad about that. Sorry if this was long, I just wanted to let you know exactly what happened and how

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