A tattoo on Jeopardy!

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I think the apocalypse must have arrived. I saw a tattooed woman on Jeopardy!

Last week I was watching the game show Jeopardy!, and there right in front of millions of viewers was a very proper looking young woman with a tattoo. And not just a little butterfly, or fine writing on her wrist, but a large, prominent tattoo on her right upper arm. She was wearing a top with something like a cap sleeve or super short sleeve, and she was rocking a big floral piece that extended from the edge of the sleeve almost to her elbow. From what I could see, it was a well executed tattoo.

I was really quite amazed,(and a little excited!). Clearly there was no attempt to hide it, and it made me wonder if she chose her top to feature it. It was clearly visible every time she gave a question. Kudos to her for being bold enough to show it, and to the show’s producers for not making her hide it. I had Jeopardy! pegged as a pretty buttoned down show middle American show, but was pleasantly surprised. I feel like the show really did tattooing a big service by letting this lady show her tattoo, as did she by simply being an intelligent woman with a tattoo.

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You mean people with tattoos can be intelligent?! :eek:

Good on them though. I imagine Jeopardy needs to get with the times to stay even remotely relevant, and nowadays most people are use fighting it or trying to maintain their stuffy atmosphere.

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