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Greetings! My names Chrissy I'm 20 years old, I come from Colorado but am currently hanging out in Montana. I don't have any tattoos but ask me again in 3 days and that will change! I joined the community to ask some questions and get advice since I'm new to this. I apologize for the short into I didn't really know what else to say so I'll go to my questions.

So I'm getting my first tattoo this week (yay!) and it's one I've been planning forever so I want it to be just right. I'm super excited, nervous, anxious, etc. and I feel like on the day of my appointment I'll be so jittery they won't be able to do it because I won't be able to keep my arm from twitching. It's a fairly large piece covering a large area of my forearm. I wanted to know if I made a mistake with going large on the first tattoo instead of smaller. Also I don't want to be that annoying client who couldn't take the pain. They said it's a good area for a first time but made no comment on the size of it. I feel like I have a high pain tolerance or enough of one to grin and bear it, but with all my emotions I'm concerned they'll start and I'll just start crying from release of emotions and discomfort, but be good after like a minute of those shenanigans but would prefer to be able to walk back into that shop without shame. I'm also terrible about holding my breath. I'm good once I relax but when I do shots or blood draws I have to tell them to force me to talk or I'll pass out on them because I hold my breath. Maybe it's because I expect it to hurt and then it never does I don't know why I do it, it's something I've done since I was really young and have never been able to break myself from it. When I was talking with my artist she told me bring movies, book, headphones, tablet, basically anything to keep me occupied but I was planning on talking so I breathe and I don't want to distract her if she prefers quiet. Any thoughts? And the final thing is I work around horses and I really can't have a day couple days off. I'll have easier days but I couldn't get them off so how do I protect it while I'm working? I was planning on wearing long sleeves plus a coat will that be enough, or should I put a light cotton wrap around it for when I'm around them and immediately remove it when I'm done?

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Too many questions for just 2 days away, but let's see . . .

Don't hold your breath. At all. Ever. Unless you're under water or something.

Bigger is better as long as your artist is competent. You probably can't judge that at this stage.

Forearm for 1st tattoo is generally not recommended. For several reasons. They've all been discussed here before.

You will have to keep it quite clean for at least 4-5 days, and out of submerged water (and especially chlorine) for a week or two.

Good luck . . .

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I know they're more difficult to heal. But could you elaborate more or point me towards the thread?

I won't be submerging it and want to be very good about keeping it clean. I also didn't get a lotion recommendation from my artist she was extremely clear on what soap she wanted but just told me to pick up whatever non scented lotion I wanted. I have lubriderm and something called Africa's secret that was suggested by a buddy with a tattoo and lubriderm was just what I found on Google, so I'm a little unsure which I should use.

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