Hi there!

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Hello there!

My name is Amy.

I'm from Texas.

You could say I am kind of a tattoo newbie.

I have one on my rib, to which I just added to this weekend.

So there's the deal... While I am happy with how it turned out, I feel like it is a bit "mix-matchy" now..

Take a look at my pic. I want to add something to it to tie it all in. Make it look more legit.

Want to stick with simplicity, if that makes any sense.

Don't really want a bunch of vines/flowers/etc.

Hope this is not too vague. :confused:

Hit me up.


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Hello and welcome!

Maybe it's just the photo, but the 4 lower butterflies look light and unfinished.

What part of the state are you in? There are several Texans that can help point you to some really good artists.

In the meantime, search Pinterest and Instagram for ideas...






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Hey thanks for the response! I took the picture before the ink was done. These were just the drawings. They are still quite lighter than the original, in terms of the line work. I am about 20 minutes from the San Antonio area.

My worry is that I will have to add quite a few more butterflies to even out the design, which is what I did not want to do..

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