Howdy from Dallas, Texas

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Hey there,

I'm Cuttsy, originally from Sydney, Australia, now living in Dallas Texas. I've been receiving tattoos for many years. I got my first tattoo over 20 years ago. I don't have any huge pieces, my longest sitting is about 3.5 hours, but I have tattoos on both inside biceps, top of my back, outer arm (lame little tribal design that was my first, and the only one I regret) and a couple on my ankle. I'm at the stage where I want to go bigger now. I'm thinking about a 3/4 sleeve including a coverup of my first tattoo, and also starting out a backpiece. Anyways, I'll grab some photos of my tattoos and start to post them out.



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    • Any pics of your back piece? I’m a musician as well and I’m curious to see this image.
    • Hi there,I don’t have any tattoos yet but  I would love to get one, only thing holding me back is my doctor they say it could scar, I already have a scar on my leg from the skin cells diying and won’t grow back, I’ve been to different tattoo artists which have given me different opinions, some say it will just take longer to heal, and some say it will scar if it’s on my legs but upper body will be okay (the scars are normaly around the shin area)  reason they said it would scar is because my blood sugars aren’t level and are all over the place, could I please get some advice as I’m diying for a tattoo! And would love to know if anyone has experience tattooing diabetics with bad blood sugar or if you have diabetes yourself and have been tattooed  (I have type 1 diabetes)  thanks  mary
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