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Who do you think deserves some recognition?

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Iggy Vans, Idle Hand Tattoo in SF. I know of one person on LST that has something from him, but I don't here about him much. Very no frills, solid traditional work.





Tattooing professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1994, Iggy Vans began his career at Erno Szabady's now-legendary studio on Fillmore St., in the Lower Haight, as well as at Erno's sister shop on Front St. in Santa Cruz. He has also tattooed at Everlasting (on McAllister St.), Freddy Corbin's Tattoo 13 in Oakland, Lyle Tuttle's on Columbus Ave. & at the original Picture Machine on Geary Blvd. & 4th Ave.

After all those years moving around, Iggy is very proud to be back in the Lower Haight, as a senior artist on the staff at Idle Hand, since January 2005.

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I feel like A lot of people I talk to don't know Brian Bruno, he's my favorite current tattooer. He did a half sleeve on me from wrist to elbow and it came out perfect.


Brian's tattoos are great. I am also a big fan of Mike Rennie's tattoos. He is another guy that you don't hear about a lot, but puts out great work.

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great thread - thanks all for your contributions and for furthering my tattoo education.

i'm really loving the James Tex work noted at the beginning of the thread, and Brian Bruno's stuff noted above.

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Just want to pump up some awesome people who do some rad stuff.

Aron Dubois at Scapegoat Tattoo (Portland,OR) - ~ONLY QUESTIONING~

All round nice guy who does some really cool stuff.



Nathan Kostechko (Based out of Cali but does a lot of travelling) - ... :

Met cool Nate because he guested at Thicker Than Water and love this guy. Does amazing black & grey stippled stuff as well as some rad color pieces.



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