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New member wants to learn from you! :D


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Hi there! I'm sure I will be kind of a baby here, as I'm 21 years old, but I'm sure you will be kind with me even when I'm not as wise as you when it comes to the world of tattoos!

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 as my own birthday present, the second one I got last summer, and now I'm in the process of finishing my whole back tattoo.

I took 2 sessions the last month (it hurt like crazy) and now I'm getting the last one day 28th! I started this as my 21st birthday present, so I guess it's now a tradition to get tattooed by my birthday, hahaha

Thanks to this tattoo I made a lot of research (because a whole back piece is kind of a SUPER IMPORTANT event in life and I wanted it to be just perfect) and realized this tattoo world "society" was super big and there was a lot of cool information and experiences out there on the internet!

That's why I'm here :D

Finally, I'm from Spain and my english is not perfect at all, so please apologize me for my lenguage mistakes!

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welcome to the journey - and let's see some pics! Who is doing your back?

Thanks a lot!!!

The tattoo artist name is Nil Marqués Coll, and I'm super happy with my decission! He is so talented!

Unfortunatelly I just have bad quality mirror auto-pictures of it (since it's not finished I won't worry about taking good photos, yet, hahaha), but I can show you at least these pics :D

First session, just drawing the outlines


And this one is from the second session


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