Thinking about tattooing my fat belly. Good/bad idea?

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22 minutes ago, polliwog said:

Wizards and Baphomets on big fat bellies are an excellent idea.  Also vultures.  Big flaming panther heads.  Generally tough tattoos plus fat bellies = :17_heart_eyes:

Oh! i was considering a swan so that where my tummy sticks out it might look like the breast of the bird pushing forward. ( and then getting the swan wings to fold over my back.) I was thinking my sticking-out tummy might never bother me again :D 

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On 4/13/2016 at 7:12 AM, Musashi said:

I'm not SUPER fat. I'm 6 foot and 230 pounds. I have a respectable gut, but I'm not really fat all over. (Antidepressants are a bitch/life saver).

I would love to go big on my tummy, but I'm afraid of how it will look and how it will age. If I stop taking the medication at some point, and I lose a bunch of weight, is the tattoo going to look like a deflated balloon? I have stretch marks on my sides - I'd love to cover those up, but obviously the skin stretched faster than it could keep up. What are my options?

P.S. I'm not retarded.

Ok so it's been a few months now.

Do I get some photos of an awesome tattooed belly to perve on or are you still deciding? 

Don't leave us hanging.

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3 hours ago, pidjones said:

I thought we were waiting for YOU to get inked so that WE could all ogle together.

Nah waiting on original poster. 

I'm trying to con the hairy husband into tattooing his beer belly though.

Closest thing I have to a belly tattoo is the one under my boobs. (Which I'm trying to add a pic of but it's not letting me)



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I found this this thread via Google.  I lost 275 pounds.  I'm very lucky that the only remaining "jiggle" is my stomach.  I am considering skin removal surgery but I'm also considering a tattoo around my mid-section to make it less "look at that gut" and more "look at that ink".... this gave me a lot to think about.

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On 11/16/2018 at 5:16 PM, SStu said:

keep in mind that any tattooist will have to "stretch" the skin during the process. 

Yes,stretch this one of the worst part.. 

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