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Former lurker who decided to jump in with both feet.


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Hey, all,

I'm Jen, and I'm new round here. I've read a lot of posts here, so I thought I'd join in the banter.

I am a tattoo collector. 90% of mine are by Joshua Henderson at Brainstorm Tattoo in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who I think is crazy talented. I also have been tattooed by Richard Stell, and I'm getting another from him the Oklahoma Tattoo Convention at the end of this month. I'm a big admirer of Richard and Jennifer Stell, who are two of the coolest people I've had the chance to meet. I've been helping Jennifer with proofreading and updating the tattoo convention website. Good times! I guess I'll post a few of my tattoos in subsequent posts.

Thanks for letting me join here, and I hope to become a regular!

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Here a few more of my tattoos. Again, all are by Josh Henderson, except for the barking dog, which is a cover-up by Kyle Seal.




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I posted this elsewhere, but it sort of explains how I got into tattoos. Seems appropriate to add here:

I got my first tattoo (a crappy piece of flash off the wall) by some random woman at a tattoo shop when I was in college. It was supposed to be a daisy, but my young niece thought it was broccoli! One of my professors thought it was a sprocket of some kind? A boyfriend at the time called it a "mutant flower, just like me." Flattering! I gave it zero thought, and it was badly done. About five years ago, just before my 40th birthday, I decided to cover it up with something I really liked — the barking dog by Keith Haring. Thus began my foray into tattoos! In the last five years I've gotten 30 plus tattoos, and I'm already signed up for more. I just can't stop! I started by getting them all on my lower legs (which are nearly covered now), but then I added the top part of each arm. One is a half sleeve, and I'm finishing the other half sleeve in May. I work in advertising, and I have facial piercings, so no one here minds my tattoos. If I ever have to go back to a more traditional office environment (hope not), I can remove the piercings, but tattoos are more difficult to remove. ;-) So I am sticking to half sleeves for now, but I'm sure that will change at some point. I get asked to show my tattoos a lot around here — there is one other creative here with full sleeves, and we are considered the wild ones, which makes me laugh. I'm a proofreader! I'm not particularly crazy. I just love the art of tattooing. It is addictive.

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Found your intro thread to catch your back story. Nice to see someone else get back into getting tattooed after a long time away. I too got started by covering up some regrettable tattoos from my youth in my early 40s and I not seem to have hit a stride of about one hand sized piece every 6 months or so. Moving to Dallas with Olliver's convention happening regularly sure has helped. 

That is a nice collection you have going there. 


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I understand. I moved to Dallas for a job but my family is still in Indiana. If it weren't for the whole 'maintaining 2 households' thing I would likely be moving at a faster pace myself. I am considering moving below the elbows soon. I think when I make that move I will have to go back to Bloomington and let Jereme make that first tattoo. He did my mushrooms and the skull/wings tattoos on my legs. I think if he were anywhere bigger than Bloomington, Indiana more people would know of him. 



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