Need some creatvive peoples opinions on my tattoo

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So I got a tattoo I'm not happy with at all and am looking to hopefully save it. I gave the artist 5-6 reference pictures of similar tattoos I liked and trusted his abilities because he has put out some really nice work. In the end I wasn't happy with it so didn't bother going back for touchups because I wasn't sure if I wanted to start removing or what. I don't care how much of my arm needs to get used I just want it to not look like a splotchy blob of black. If anyone has any ideas what I can do to hopefully save my tattoo please let me know because I am stumped. Thanks for all input!

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How long have you had it? Can we see the reference pics?

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Just over 4 months and ya i'll ad them when i can get to a desktop

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The picture quality is really bad, but I can say I like it a lot! I mean, it's well done and I like it.

The only thing that makes me feel weird is the black background around the tattoo... That's not nice, hahaha

I get the idea about a candle in a dark room, but, anyway, the black ugly background wasn't the best way to achieve it, hahaha

Now, the advices, what would I do:

I would make more tattoos around it, or just a full arm piece if you like the idea.

I mean , even if you don't like the candle (which I like so much and I think you should like it too!) if you just make a lot of tattoos around it, it will just be unnoticed.

You can use the black background to connect the tattoos

The best you can do is to go to a tattoo artist you love so much and you love all his/her tattoos so you will be sure the tattoos he/she is going to draw on you will be super perfect and loveable to you, and ask him/her what should he/she do about it.

Probably he/she is going to have a bunch of nice ideas and designs about what to do!

For example, he/she could transform the black background into smoke (just by expanding the background into it, that's easy)

An example:


And then connect some more tattoos over this smoke!

That's just an idea, but there are so many ones that your tattoo artist is going to think that you should just go and ask him...!

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Thanks for the advice that's a great idea . Ya the black caught me off guard soon as he started but it was too late to stop lol. Gotta start brainstorming ideas for other tattoos that would compliment eachother. Thanks again!

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On ‎4‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 5:55 AM, dansafcman said:

Cant see the pic for some reason, but from what I remember when I saw it a couple of days ago -Guess you were looking for something like this ? 


Ya mine was a similar type idea. That one was done much better

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I'm considering just blacking it out and going with a similar smokey type that was suggested earlier in the post, I might just go with a half sleeve but I don't want it all as dark so the forearm would have to be the blackest part

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