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I got my first tattoo about five years ago and never got it touched up (mainly because I'm a huge slacker).  I got my second tattoo today and decided to get the one on my back touched up while I was there.  About half of it had to be done and the artist warned me that the blacks might not match, but that we would cross that bridge if/when it came to it.  I guess I abstractly knew that the touched up bits would be much more intensely black than the 5 year old bits, but I didn't REALLY realize it until I saw it today.  So I'm just wondering how the newly re-done black bits will end up fading once the tattoo heals.  Is it going to be much more obviously black or will it kind of fade to a similar level as the old bits?

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Mine is now 5 weeks old with a lot of heavy black. The intensity faded a bit during healing but then came back to almost full intensity at about 4 weeks. I just had some touch up done on Tuesday and it is very hard to distinguish the old from the new - actually I can't tell every place he touched up. So, my guess is that you will be able to see a difference between them new and old.

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