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Excessive weeping and rapid healing?


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Hey everyone,

I was hoping you folks could help me out with an issue that I have, and my artist has never seen before.

Every time I get tattooed, regardless of artist, I heal rapidly and have excessive weeping/plasma leaking.  This happens to the point that I usually use quite a bit of color.

My most recent tattoo, we decided to try Saniderm.  By morning, it looked like a waterbed underneath it and I had already lost color in some spots.  I text my artist regularly and she told me to get into the shop and have her change it for me.  Less than 48 hours later, the seal on the second wrapping had been broken at my wrist (the edge of the Saniderm) and plasma filled with color was outside it.

Under her instruction, she advised me to unwrap it, wash it, and handle it with my typical aftercare (at this point, Lubriderm).  Problem is, after drying it and throughout the day, I always leak plasma for several days.  She said she has never seen anyone leak as much as me.

I also usually heal a lot faster than normal.  Compared to my wife, about twice as fast.  According to my artist, this is possibly another factor as to why I always lose so much color.

Has anybody else dealt with this before?  Any advice that I should chat with my artist about?

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This is clearly your own immune system response, yikes. Do you wait until the next day to apply the Saniderm? Otherwise, I think I'd just dry heal, since your body goes into overdrive. Do you lose color to the point where it has to be retouched? Pictures!

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2 hours ago, LizBee said:

This is clearly your own immune system response, yikes. Do you wait until the next day to apply the Saniderm? Otherwise, I think I'd just dry heal, since your body goes into overdrive. Do you lose color to the point where it has to be retouched? Pictures!

It usually is retouched because of it.  This was the first time trying Saniderm and we put it on after a wife of alcohol and witch hazel.  With my normal methods of Aquaphor, then Lubriderm after a couple days, I definitely lose color so we tried this.  With the Saniderm, it looks like I might not lose as much color, but I have already lost some in a few places since getting tattooed two nights ago.

Here's one through the whole process (some may not be the greatest since I didn't expect a post like this):

At the the shop:


Day 2:


Day 16 (definitely a little dry, but post-flakes and such):


Today after retouching around 48 hours ago, already lost a bit, and with the Saniderm:


Newest, immediately after:


The next afternoon weeping under the Saniderm, mainly pooled toward my elbow (it got worse by 6 when she changed it):



Earlier today, about 24 hours later when the Saniderm lost the seal at the edge and she told me to take it off:


Shortly (10 minutes max) after I removed the Saniderm, washed with unscented SoftSoap, padded dry with a paper towel (Viva), and put on a super thin layer Lubriderm, and dabbed off any possible excess.  Plasma already coming:


Right now.  Terrible lighting, but you can see where at not even 48 hours, with most of those being under Saniderm, I've lost a lot in some spaces:


I just don't get it. If anyone can see something I'm doing wrong, or something that I can change up a bit, let me know.  It does seem to be healing well, with the Saniderm for the first bit (although it was supposed to be for longer if it wasn't for me pain in the ass skin/seal breaking), but the color loss is driving me insane.

The touchups she did on the WordPress logo and pretty damn close to healed already. Boba Fett is still a bit sore, but seems extremely healthy.

Thanks for any help!

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Wow! It just seems that your body goes into light speed as a reaction to the process and just pushes the amount of plasma just washes the ink out in places. It will be interesting to hear if any of the tattooists here have ever seen anything similar. It certainly proves that we all heal differently. I have only had one done so far but had no plasma during the heal process after the original work and the shading/touch-up.

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Great artwork on your tattoo BTW, It truly looks nice!

I recently had my inner forearm worked on and it was tough with the healing on a portion of the piece. Black under tones and dark blue coloring were put on in the same sitting. That got my skin pretty angry. 5 days later I had a few spots that wept plasma and it got me worried about color loss and most of all infection.

I changed up my healing routine by cutting out 2 cycles of washing and more time spent with drying. After that those two isolated spots in my piece stopped weeping plasma and dried up.

Have you tried different way(s) attacking your balance of moister and drying? Those two factors IMO causes the greatest amount of conflict in the healing process.

Thanks for sharing and I'll be stoked to see how your most recent piece finishes up!

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Every body is different. If you're a fast healer I would try doing less not more. Just keep it clean and use moisturizer sparingly when it looks dry. Some ink loss is normal and doesn't necessarily mean you're losing color. If anything I would try a very hot shower on the first day to open the pores and make sure there's no plasma residue and end with very cold water. Plasma is what makes you heal but an excess amount left on the skin can lead to scabs.

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Thanks a ton.  I've started doing less on this one than I normally do and it does seem to be healing slower.  Usually, I use Aquaphor for a while, then Lubriderm for the final stages.  This one, aside from the 2 days or so of the Saniderm, I've done all Lubriderm.  

The hot shower idea is super helpful.  I hadn't thought about that and will definitely do so on the next one.

Thanks for all the help, everyone!

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